Students & Campus

PPro’s guiding premise has been to foster progressive ideas, broadly defined, in the greater Princeton community: and supporting progressives on the Princeton University campus is our starting point.

Some of the ways we do this are:

• helping students with expenses as they support progressive political candidates and issues. We’ve helped students register voters in Florida and Maine; underwritten campaign volunteers’ trips to Texas, and much more.

• helping students organize activities on campus (such as Students for Prison Education and Reform, which presented a series of multi-day on-campus conferences).

• supporting progressive undergraduate publications (such as The Prog).

• bringing progressive speakers (such as the Rev. William Barber II) to campus.

• reminding students that alternative paths to success exist, which we do through our “Beyond Wall Street” career panels, which highlight alumni who’ve found fulfillment in careers focused on activism and community.

We will continue to provide financial support for The Princeton Progressive student magazine; for student campaign work throughout the country; and to enable students to attend and engage in activism in various ways. Our plans include the continued development of an annual Reunions get-together and sponsorship of on-campus speakers. We also intend to provide mentoring of student activists and to voice our views in responses to university administrative actions relevant to progressive issues.

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