Organizations on Campus

A variety of organizations on campus have been formed by students, faculty and staff. If you know of a campus group that should be on this list or have any other comments about it, please let us know.

Princeton Advocates for Justice (PAJ) 

Formed in opposition to national and local campaigns infringing upon basic human rights and dignity, Princeton Advocates for Justice is an intersectional coalition of over 25 student groups from diverse backgrounds advocating for the protection and advancement of basic human rights.


Princeton Progressive Magazine

The Princeton Progressive is a recently revived student published print magazine at Princeton University dedicated to promoting left-leaning political discussion on campus. The publication strives to provide progressive students with a dedicated platform to share their views and voices. Our magazine is generously supported by the Princeton Progressives (PPro) alumni group.


Students for Prison Education and Reform (SPEAR)

Founded at Princeton University in 2012, SPEAR is a student run advocacy and education group that seeks to advocate against mass incarceration & solitary confinement, provide educational opportunities in New Jersey prisons, and educate members of the Princeton community about the challenges in our criminal justice system. In addition to full group meetings, SPEAR has four active committees that meet independently to accomplish different aspects of SPEAR’s mission. The four committees are: Education, Sentencing, Prison Conditions, and Post-Incarceration. SPEAR also has a graduate student liaison who coordinates efforts with our allies in Princeton’s graduate programs.


Princeton Conservation Society

Princeton Conservation Society (PCS) is Princeton University’s home on campus for all things conservation and environment, from biodiversity to climate change.  Meetings during the school year are held at 8:30 pm on Tuesdays in Chancellor Greene 103 (in East Pyne).


Princeton College Democrats

Princeton College Democrats is a student run organization involved year-round in progressive action, issue advocacy, and electoral politics. We meet in Campus Club each Tuesday from 9-10 PM.


Black Justice League

A coalition of students from Princeton University, standing in solidarity with Ferguson and dismantling racism on our campus.


Princeton Muslim Advocates for Social Justice and Individual Dignity (MASJID)

A social justice group that provides space for Muslims and non-Muslims to come together around different social justice issues. MASJID offers a political platform for students interested in advocacy.


Latinos Y Amigos

Princeton Latinos y Amigos proclaims that it has been founded and is dedicated to celebrating and sharing Latin American heritage and advancing a proper understanding of it. It also seeks to communicate relevant cultural, social, and political topics affecting our campus community, the United States, and Latin America, and to provide avenues for engaging with them. It strives to create an inclusive community that supports the well-being and growth of its members, whose defining characteristic is an interest in the organization. By maintaining strong ties with past members, student organizations, the University, and other universities, it seeks to develop its capabilities and further its impact. Lastly, it seeks to establish a culture of service by maintaining a relationship with and helping those who share this heritage, particularly those in our local community.


Princeton Students for Gender Equality

Princeton Students for Gender Equality (PSGE) an inclusive, intersectional forum for discussions of feminism, gender, sex, and sexuality.


Women’s Political Caucus

The Princeton University Chapter of the Women’s Political Caucus is a political organization that empowers women to take on leadership roles, and encourages political participation by women of all political parties who support an Equal Rights Amendment.


Pride Alliance

Princeton University’s undergraduate LGBTQIA+ social organization.


Jewish Progressives

We are a group of Jewish Princetonians committed to a vision of social justice and inclusivity in our American and Jewish communities.


Social Sustainability

The Pink House (99 Alexander Street) is a living-learning community oriented around sustainability, comprising ten juniors and seniors. It started in the 2016-2017 school year at the initiative of the dean of Forbes College. The Pink House is a space for engaging in a conscious, intersectional dialogue of environmental and social issues. Residents meet weekly to discuss personal and group goals, and the House hosts regular events for the Forbes College community as well as the greater Princeton community, often collaborating with other student organizations to include a variety of perspectives on sustainability and social justice.


Young Democratic Socialists

Princeton students advocating for democratic socialism and against racism, capitalism, and patriarchy. Part of Democratic Socialists of America.


Asian American Students Association (AASA)

AASA is dedicated to increasing campus consciousness about the unique social, cultural, political, and historical experiences of Asians in America. It seeks to empower undergraduates with greater awareness of political social, and cultural issues on campus.


Latino Graduate Student Association (LGSA)

An association of Latino graduate students. LGSA holds benefit galas and is involved with other campus awareness and social justice events on campus, such as Latin nights and the Immigration Day of Action.


Princeton Caribbean Connection (PCC)

A group dedicated to providing all Princeton students and faculty a means for celebrating and learning about the many facets of life in the Caribbean sea.


Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice (PSRJ)

PSRJ is dedicated to sex positivity, sexual and reproductive health education, and pro-choice politics. The group sponsors events like Menstruation Celebration and other campus awareness events.


Princeton Citizen Scientists

A group of Science, Engineering, and Social Science Graduate Students who have organized and seek to better understand “the situation that we all expect to face in the coming few years and what actions we can take as the Princeton community to protect the ideals of equality, justice, compassion, and fact-based public policies.


Princeton Hidden Minority Council

PHMC strives to advocate for first-generation low income (FLI) students, connect students to resources, and spur dialogue and greater discussion on Princeton’s campus about socioeconomic differences.


Mental Health Initiative

“Our goals are to improve access to campus resources relating to student mental health, reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, and spark dialogue.”


Sigma Chi Sigma Princeton Chapter

A chapter of Sigma Chi, a brotherhood with roots in the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal justice, and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live. “Friendship, Justice, and Learning”


Taiwanese American Students Association

A group dedicated to promoting an understanding of and appreciation for Taiwanese culture and heritage on the Princeton campus.


International Students Association at Princeton (ISAP)

An organization that fosters bonding amongst international students, and exposes interested American students to cultures from around the world.


Princeton South Asian Theatrics (PSAT)

The nation’s first South Asian theatre company.


Women’s Mentorship Program (WMP)

The mission of the Princeton Women’s Mentorship Program is to empower women students to take on leadership roles and realize their full potential at Princeton and beyond. By facilitating mentoring relationships, providing opportunities for reflection and self-examination, and teaching practical leadership skills, the program helps women students strengthen their self-confidence, find their voice, learn to wield influence and exercise authority, and articulate and pursue leadership goals.


Canadian Club

A social and cultural organization that is a home away from home for the Canadian students of Princeton. The Canadian Club aims to maintain and strengthen Canadian social/cultural ties, host social events, and encourage further scholarship and research into Canadian issues within a North American context.


Princeton Clay Project

Clay Project is focused on bringing awareness to the global refugee situation. It is currently is working to fundraise to create higher-education scholarships to send Syrian refugees living in Za’atari Refugee Camp to university in Jordan through the Amal Foundation.


Green Princeton

Greening Princeton seeks to improve the relationship between the University and the environment by first identifying pertinent environmental issues and then creating task forces to develop solutions.


Malaysian and Singaporean Association (MASA)

“We organise activities for Singaporeans, Malaysians and anyone interested in the cultures, food and anything else about Singapore and Malaysia!” (ODUS)


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