Candidate Endorsements & Support

PPro has a wide and growing network of progressive Princeton alumni, faculty, staff, friends and family. This subset of the “greater Princeton community” provides opportunities on both the local and national level to support candidates who share our values and goals. 

Since Princeton alumni are at the core of PPro, we track progressive alumni around the country running for positions at all levels of government.  We publish their names and information about them here on our website.  We encourage you to contact us if we have neglected to include anyone who should be on the list.

As a result of both our broad mission and our inclusive membership and network, we also see value in connecting this network to progressive candidates who are not alumni in various ways:

  • Gatherings—both small and large—for our network to meet candidates
  • Issuing endorsements of candidates
  • Organizing groups of members and others to canvass or provide other campaign support
  • Distributing information about candidates to our network

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