Education & Community

One of PPro’s objectives is to bring people together to learn about problems impacting our world and about various progressive solutions to these problems.

We do this mostly through informal gatherings, dinners and meetings with writers, politicians, academics, and other experts who can help us understand progressive approaches to viewing and resolving issues our society faces.  Activities include:

  • Book parties
  • Speakers
  • Panel discussions
  • Election night events
  • Cultural events (e.g., plays about social issues, films about human rights, etc.)

An example of one such event was our election night gathering on November 6, 2018.  Guests joined us over dinner to learn from attorney and writer James Lieber about the implications of the recent Pennsylvania case that successfully challenged that state’s gerrymandering, which he wrote about in his recent book.  Of course, televisions were on throughout the evening to allow all to keep an eye on the critical mid-term election returns..

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