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The Board of Directors of Princeton Progressives


Noemi de la Puente *86

Noemi is a playwright, librettist and lyricist. Her works have been seen all over New York City, and parts of Latin America. She is a founding member of Dramatic Question Theatre, a collective of playwrights that develop plays written by by playwrights of color, plays written by women, and plays that deal with race, culture, and class in ways that are dynamic and different. Noemi is active in the Princeton Area Alumni Association, the Alumni Council Committee on Community Service, the Association of Latino Princeton Alumni, the board of AGPA,  and the board of the Princeton Progressives.


Jason Gold ’81, co-founder, President

Jason is one of the founders of PPro and is its current president.  He spent his freshman year at Princeton holed up in Witherspoon reading The Worker’s Vanguard and Young Spartacist, doing math problem sets and building architectural models.  He majored in Architecture & Urban Planning, got his M. Arch. at Columbia and is a practicing architect in New York City.


Sandy Harrison ’74, Vice President

Sandy Harrison ’74, who has been a PPro Board member since 2012, attended Princeton during the heyday of the anti-Vietnam War and other social movements, which had a lasting impact on his commitment to the advancement of progressive ideals and causes. Sandy particularly enjoys working with today’s talented and motivated student activists on campus. He also is involved in his local area outside of Philadelphia in protecting immigrant rights and as a member of the ACLU (currently focusing primarily on voter mobilization).


Tom Hughes ’82, Treasurer

Tom Hughes majored in English Literature and has many happy memories of performing at Theater Intime, in the Wilson College theater and other campus stages. Since college Tom has worked primarily in technology related to financial services, and currently consults in product strategy for information businesses. He is a lifetime New York City resident and serves on the Board of the Alliance for Downtown New York, the largest business improvement district in the country.


Mike Southwell ’60

“The Vietnam War changed me, a politically naive Midwestern graduate student from a Republican family. I marched, I withheld taxes, I protested; and I’ve kept up this activism ever since. During my years as a Professor, and even more now that I’m retired, I’ve tried to help along progressive causes. And so PPro has been a good fit for me.”


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